Take a look at my calendar to see which days and times are available. Whithin the timeframe you can choose any starting hour.  Send me a message through the contact form with day and hour of your preference. Please mention the massage of your choice and the duration. You'll receive a confirmation by e-mail or text message.


Only when you receive a message from me, your booking is confirmed. 


In case of a double booking, I will send you an alternative option. 



My address is Van Montfortstraat 39 in Borgerhout.

That's a 20 minute walk from the Antwerp Central Station. 

And a few minutes walk from several bus and tram stops from the public transport company De Lijn: Drink ,  Lange Van Bloerstraat, Groeningerplein.

When you come by bike, you can park your bike inside and there's also an Antwerp bike sharing station of Velo just around the corner. 

Please keep in mind that parking spaces in the street are limited. So when you come by car, it could take some time to find a spot. Calculate that into your travel time. There's a public indoor parking a few streets away in the Somméstraat.